What is GDPR Cookie Compliance?

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data that websites store on your device, like a web browser, to remember information about you. They serve various purposes, such as keeping you logged in or tracking your activities for statistics and ads.

Why Is GDPR Cookie Compliance Important?

GDPR has established strict rules for collecting and using personal information. Cookies can collect data related to individuals, so GDPR applies. Adhering to these rules safeguards people’s information and prevents legal issues.

Obtaining Consent

With GDPR cookie compliance, you must ask visitors for permission to use non-essential cookies. You inform them about the cookies you’re using and wait for their approval.

Cookie Notification

Typically, you need a pop-up on your site to inform users about the cookies and request their permission. Users can choose to accept or decline specific types of cookies.

Assessing Data Impact

In some cases, it’s necessary to evaluate the potential risks to people’s data privacy, especially with advanced tracking technologies.


Maintain records of who agreed to what, which cookies they accepted or declined, and when they provided consent.

Specific Consent

Individuals should have the option to choose which cookies they want to enable, rather than accepting all or none.

Minimizing Data

Only collect data essential for the intended purpose, not more than that.

User Rights

Be prepared to address user requests related to their data, such as accessing it, deleting it, or transferring it.

Global Compliance

Even if your business is not based in the EU, you may still need to comply with GDPR rules if you handle the data of EU individuals.

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